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New Products



Castles Technology’s new all-in-one S2L offers multifunctional capabilities and streamlines customers’ shopping experiences. S2L comes with several communication options including USB, RS232, WLAN, Bluetooth, and Ethernet.


Working with an optional stand, S2L provides a perfect solution to simplify the shopping process and successfully make payments easier. Engineered to meet today’s demands of easy-to-use, multi-function, and large touch screen, S2L is an ideal product for a wide range of environments, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping centres


Castles Technology’s newly designed S1 MINI next-generation mobile device offers multifunctional capabilities and optimizes the checkout process for your business.

The S1 MINI is based on a secure Android platform and comes with several features including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a front camera.

The S1 MINI is extremely easy, safe and secure for merchants looking for a next-generation payment device.

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S1U2 environement.png


Castles Technology’s newly designed S1U2 offers multifunctional capabilities for your unattended payment needs such as vending, ticketing, multimedia kiosks, public transportation, laundromats, and other self-service solutions.

The S1U2 is based on a secure Android platform and has integrated magnetic stripe, chip and contactless card reader functions.

The S1U2 is a perfect, durable and cost-effective device for any unattended business needs.


The newly designed retail Android PINPAD S1P opens the door to endless possibilities. Its remarkable features include multi-communication capabilities (Ethernet, USB, 4G, WLAN, BT), a striking 4" touchscreen, a physical keypad, and a sleek design that delivers a truly unique and exceptional customer experience.



The S1E2 is a newly mobile smartPOS that offers unparalleled convenience, adaptability, and performance. From its integrated contactless reader to the 5" full touchscreen, the S1E2 is the ultimate solution for merchants seeking a safe and efficient payment device.

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