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Customer Testimonials

Discover all the testimonials of people who trust us.


Discover the exclusive interview delivered by Ludovic Verecque, CEO of PayCert. Ludovic tells us about our collaboration when obtaining the REMPARTS certification at our production site in Taiwan and how Castles was the first to obtain the certification with the PIN ON LINE.


Outdoor Payments Made Easy For KIS & ME

In France, KIS is part of the ME Group, an international market leader in automated instant-service equipment. It’s simplifying payments and speeding European growth with help from Castles Technology. 

Find out more about how Castles help with these self-service equipment


Customer testimonial by François Ottmann, Head of Payment Solutions at ME GROUP - KIS.

Discover the interview with François Ottmann, a well known payment specialist and how Castles Technology succeeded in implementing in less than 6 months a real pan-European payment solution with the UPT 1000 payment terminal.

Me Group testimonial


Customer testimonial by Nicolas Riegert, Co-founder and CEO PayXpert and David Armstrong Managing Director PayXpert

Discover how PayXpert and Castles Technology are partnering to power-up your business using latest payment platform technology and state-of-the-art android terminals.

In this video, you'll gain insights
into Monetico Retail payment
platform and why they have chosen Castles Technology 
devices based on nexo standards.


Customer testimonial by
Gauthier Thierens,
Android Product Manager at Adyen


How we made the difference?

Consistency, open collaboration, quality and performance with cutting edge android payment devices.

Castles Technology Mini Payment Terminals for Charitable donations

Castles' gives back

Castle Technology x Goodbox donations


Our partnership with Goodbox allows us to help charities to embrace the demise of cash.

Charities are behind the corporate sector by as many as five years, we knew they needed a way to make it easier and convenient for consumers, minimising cash donations. This led to the birth of the GBx Mini. Find out more about how this device has helped raise vital funds for charity organisations. 

Ayden Testimonial
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