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Castles Saturn Payment Terminal

Designed to suit
your needs.

Keep your business agile with our payment devices. 

At Castles Technology we provide the latest technology to enhance
every customer journey and meet all you need.



We never compromise with security. Our POS devices are fully-certified and PCI-compliant for any business need or customer experience.

Payment Methods.png

Payment methods 

We offer large payment methods (national and international)
so shoppers can pay the way they want.

CTMS Compliancy.png

CTMS compliancy 

We provide useful dashboards to monitor your business
i.e. performance, reports, etc.

Open Plaform.png

Open platform 

Our devices were designed to offer stability and value-added for efficient business.


Android Terminals

Linux Terminals

Smartphone Payment Terminal

Join the Castles crew

Customers of Castles Payment Terminals

Delivering trust and innovation for businesses worldwide

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