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CasHUB From 
Castles Technology

  • An innovative , powerful and scalable cloud-based platform for managing contemporary and heritage payment terminal estates 

  • Offering a growing selection of secure, market-leading business apps & services to support connected and savvy merchants 

CasHUB: Castles’ Smart Technology Hub

  • CasHUB is the market-leading platform from Castles Technology, allowing the commissioning, provision, management and remote support of your contemporary and heritage payment terminal estate; along with a growing portfolio of innovative vertical applications and services targeting today’s savvy, consumer-focused enterprises and independent businesses.

  • CasHUB is a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform engineered and supported by Castles Technology to:

    • Securely manage Castles payment devices using up to 3 layers of multi-tenant hierarchy between the enterprise and the merchant

    • Handle everything from key management, deployment, onsite support and app provisioning

    • Support Castles’s Android and Linux terminals and also where required, OEM devices*

  • CasHUB comes with a suite of API’s that:

    • Support integration of CasHUB terminal provisioning and deployment with your sales order process or ERP system

    • Allow the integration of Castles terminals to your existing app marketplace platform

    • Use a white-labelled solution template that can be customised to your branding and vertical business requirements

CasHUB Modules & Features



  • Application Update

  • App Uninstall

  • Application Management

  • Push Application

  • Firmware Update

  • Firmware Management

  • Parameter Management 

  • Device Management 

Additional services:

  • Remote Control 

  • API



Basic Version

  • Terminal Geolocation

  • Device Diagnosis

  • Terminal Remote Configuration/ Setting

  • Terminal file uploading

Advanced Version

Basic version +

  • Terminal Blocking

  • App Blocking

  • Push message (to terminal)

Additional services

  • API



  • Transaction Log

  • Transaction Statistics

Additional services

  • Customised statistical graphics

  • Customised analysis tool

  • API

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