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Why replacing your POS terminals is a great opportunity to energise your business?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Make POS the hero! Did you know that payment terminals can smash silos and connect your enterprise? From supply chains to marketing – we show you six ways they can dynamize your business.

Refreshing your payment terminals is a great opportunity to breathe new life into your operations. With the right point of sale (POS) devices you can re-energise many different parts of your retail business - not just the checkout.

When looking at the cost impact of upgrading your POS estate, it pays to look beyond the price tag and weigh up the impact of your choices on other functions of your organisation.

Today’s smart, connected, mobile POS devices - complete with powerful processors, memory and scanners – accept multiple payment methods, offer value-added services and help increase throughput. Not only that, they also capture all sorts of data – straight from the shop floor – and in real time.

With advanced POS devices, such as the Android Saturn range from Castles, you can deliver extra benefits that cascade throughout the organisation to smash silos and make you the hero.

Six enterprise functions that benefit from POS investment.

Store management

Turbo boost throughput, remove operational headaches and queue bust. Transactional data from connected POS devices aids better management of on-the-floor resources and staffing and eases back office and compliance functions.

Inventory, finance and supply-chain

Make your stock operations uber-efficient. Sales data collected on the POS can be linked to stock management systems to track supply levels. This helps ensure the right inventory is in the right place at the right time – which reduces waste and helps with cashflow too.


Help marketing delight and inspire. With POS-based value-added software and apps, you can introduce personalised offerings and connect omni-channel/hybrid services including click and collect.

Security & compliance

As well as offering EMV and PCI P2PE to keep payments secure, POS devices gather invaluable data to smooth compliance, minimise fraud and chargebacks and boost standing with card issuers.

Service and tech teams

Choosing terminals supported by payment services frees your own tech resources. Let payment providers like Castles take care of scheduled maintenance, constant updates, and provide in-field and 24/7 customer support.


Help your leadership team (CEOs, CFOs and COOs) see more clearly. With POS reporting dashboards you can analyse real-time activity and provide customized reports that drive better decisions around resource, planning and budgeting.

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