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Six ways to transform in-store activity with Android mPOS

We live in a mobile world where shoppers can buy anytime anywhere from their mobile devices. If you’re a physical retailer, you can’t afford to get left behind – it’s time to break free with mobile POS.

Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, or vending, you need to be able to make and take a sale anywhere your customers are - in-store, at the table, and in some cases even on the go. And that means mobilising your sales points.

Investing in modern Android-based mPOS devices - like those in Castles Saturn portfolio - does more than free up where you sell. It also lets you transform in-store activity, optimise sales environments, and deliver better experiences – here’s how:

1. Empower sales staff to “sell” Android mPOS gets your store staff out from behind the counter and onto the shop floor where they can offer advice and guidance, check stock and accept payment – from digital wallets to contactless. Upselling has never been easier.

2. Declutter counters Retail space and image are at a premium so why waste them. Android mPOS devices eliminate clunky cash registers, and declutter counters and give you better brand appeal. With built-in printers, scanners, cards, contactless readers, and PIN pads, they can carry out all the functions of a traditional POS terminal – without taking up lots of space.

3. Lift the sales experience Connected mPOS with multimedia screens and lots of processing power are perfect to host value-added apps that you can use to enhance customer services and deliver a better experience. Loyalty, inventory, personalised promotions, seasonal bundles, and marketing tools - are all in the palm of your sales team’s hands.

4. Queue bust People hate waiting in line. Off-putting queues can cause customers to ditch their baskets and run. With mPOS you can reduce waiting time and boost conversion by removing bottlenecks and turning every member of staff into a sales point. You can also deploy extra devices to high footfall areas, especially during busy peak seasons like Christmas.

5. Get connected mPOS can even help ensure your shelves and racks are always well-stocked. Software and built-in scanners link front and back-office systems so you can use devices to manage sales/stock more efficiently. Collect important data and get a deeper insight into your business straight from the shopfloor to shape better engagement, marketing, and loyalty strategies.

6. Stay up to date with payment preferences Payment methods are constantly changing. Different countries, locations, and demographics all have their own preferences. Our mPOS devices offer multiple-acceptance options from digital wallets, BNPL, and prepaid to cards, coupons, and contactless. Partners like Castles also offer Payment Services that allow you to update your mPOS estates remotely to make adding new options effortlessly.

Discover more about Castles Android mPOS devices and how they can transform your physical sales points -

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