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Outdoor Payments Made Easy For KIS & ME

Based in France, KIS is part of the ME Group, an international market leader in automated instant-service equipment with a portfolio of prestigious brands including,,, and Striving to make life easier and more self-sufficient for consumers. It’s simplifying payments and speeding European growth with help from Castles Technology.

The challenge

To help respond to existing and new opportunities, the ME group wanted to boost its European development capabilities. It tasked KIS with replacing its local payments solution which handles 22 million Euros each year, with a single pan- European infrastructure.

It also wanted to ensure hardware offered better performance over a longer timeframe while combining aesthetics, robustness and resistance to hard use, potential fraud and vandalism.

François Ottmann, Payment Systems Manager at KIS/Me Group says, “Our vending technology is truly cutting edge, it was important that the payment part was too."

"We needed access to world-class unattended payment devices that were secure and built to last. And a partner that could simplify our payment operations and accelerate our ambitious pan- European expansion.”

KIS knows what it takes to create great self-service experiences in busy indoor and outdoor locations. A world expert in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-tech unattended devices and digital kiosks, its R&D function supports ME Group’s 43,800 unattended vending units, in 20 countries. These provide consumers of all ages, and tech abilities with high-quality, super-convenient and fun services. And, thanks to KIS’s focus on innovation, they’re popping up in increasingly diverse locations across Europe.


The Solution

KIS chose Castles Technology’s UPT1000F terminal. When teamed with partners Wallee and Wordline, it offered ME Group a total payment solution that was delivered on all fronts.

"We were convinced by Castles Technology's strong multi-local presence, breadth of offering and ability to manage projects on a European scale. Its UPT1000F terminal combines ruggedness with elegance, power and performance.”

The UPT1000F is PCI PTS 5. x certified and complies with all new local and European industry and security standards. It provides KIS and ME with additional advantages including:

  • easy integration for contactless acceptance

  • value-added software for hardware components e.g. cameras, printers and etc.

  • pooling of transaction data from connected estates in multiple countries

  • a single view of ME's sales operations easy-to-generate consolidated reports on key KPIs


The Results

Castles Technology was able to deliver a single self-service, pan-European, connected, global and centralized payment solution across more than 10 European countries, and in record time. KIS can now achieve:

  • centralized and simplified financial reporting

  • centralized fleet and estate management

  • transaction optimization

  • vandalism and fraud prevention

According to François, “Castles is the best fit-for-purpose yet flexible solution to accommodate our different use-cases and application scenarios. Its UPT1000F terminal is supremely secure and tough enough to withstand continuous use in arduous conditions.”

” Because Castles Technology’s devices last longer, they help keep lifetime costs down, boost ROI and are more sustainable – making them better for our business and for the planet.”


The benefits

Listening to consumer needs, mastering technologies and quickly responding to new trends are key factors in ME Group’s success.

François confirms “Castles brought us all the bricks that enabled us to build this pan-European solution at speed. With Castles, we can devote all our energy to deploying increasingly targeted and diverse innovations to meet ever-changing business, consumer and partner needs without having to worry about complex payment acceptance.“ "We can now quickly roll out and scale payment solutions across Europe while keeping acquisition and transaction processing costs low. The integration has been efficient, and the support is excellent. The Castles team’s expertise and enthusiasm make it easier for us to create the unique and instant experiences that set us apart.”

About Castles Technology

Castles is a payment technology company responsible for connecting millions of merchants and retailers of all sizes. We help retailers with multiple payment methods to create a seamless customer journey. Castles technology supports businesses of all sizes, preparing them for a society where cash usage is on the decline.

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