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How to simplify managing retail payment estates

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

With profit being squeezed on all fronts, retailers need to make sure their physical operations are as efficient as possible, that means their checkouts too. Here we look at CASHUB and why it’s a powerful tool for those looking to simplify and improve their POS estates.

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that retailers need to be able to respond fast. They can’t afford downtime, inefficiency or delay. That necessitates keeping their checkouts optimised and ready for a sale.

But how do those with large estates and multiple types of devices do this while keeping pace with a constant stream of new services, evolving ecosystems and tightening regulations - and with minimal drain on their IT people and resources?

The secret to success lies in a cloud based approach

With connected point of sale (POS) devices, retailers can link every touch point to a central control hub such as the CASHUB solution.

Easily integrated over the cloud or via the Castle’s API, CASHUB, is a powerful platform comprising software, reporting, geolocalisation and security tools and a consolidated dashboard with intuitive user interface. It helps remove complexity, automates and speeds processes and ensures checkouts are always optimised.

Seven ways CASHUB improves retail operations

CASHUB brings a plethora of advantages to overworked and over stretched bricks and mortar retailers. This includes

  1. Easier set up and rapid scale Retailers can roll out new devices much faster and with less effort over-the-air remote set up and configuration.

  2. Faster repairs with Remote Terminal Update and Controls Many software repairs that would require a call out or field swap - which could take days - can now be diagnosed and fixed in minutes.

  3. Instant software updates : flexible and precise File Management Auto-updates to device applications, configurations and firmware ensures immediate compliance as new regulations and mandates as they go live.

  4. Better visibility & decisions : Remote diagnostic and tools assist with POS estate support and troubleshooting while customisable dashboards give retailers 360-degree visibility of their sales points - and with better data, they can make better decisions.

  5. Consolidated Reporting Gather real-time status information from all connected POS devices, across multiple locations. Then slice, dice and interrogate data using customisable reports to make insights more useful to managers.

  6. Increased security Manage secure key injection with minimal effort and use automatic tamper alerts to safeguard POS devices from physical as well as online threats.

  7. Experience tracking Record non-sensitive transaction data and deliver powerful customer behavioural insight using tokenisation to see who’s buying what, when and where.

  8. Boundless, limitless and endless marketing opportunities

You can target the right users, increase user engagement, enhance brand consistency, increase conversion rates, … at an optimised cost.

Whatever the size of the retail estate, there’s no reason that managing it should be a headache. With the right terminal management tools and specialist pay-tech support – embodied by CASHUB - it can be painless.

It’s also a great way to free inhouse technical resources to focus on driving sales, in turn creating a positive ripple effect that benefits the entire business.

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