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How to Keep your POS estates in top shape

6 great reasons to choose Castles Merchant Services

It takes more to run a POS estate and keep your checkouts open and secure than great devices and software. Just like people, your terminals must be cared for and supported to ensure they are optimised and ready for action. And the bigger your operations, the more effort this involves.

Most merchants simply don’t have the full-time resources required to deploy, manage and maintain their devices in the field. That’s where Castles Technology’s Merchant Services come in.

Recognised for our world-leading Android and Linux payment terminals, terminal management software and semi-integrated payment applications, Castles also offers a whole raft of dedicated Merchant Services. This includes a 24/7 help desk, full customer support, UK and European repair and refurbish centres, and logisticshandling, as well as CasHub marketplace a unique estate management platform that powers remote IoT data, apps and reporting functions.

Merchant Services is an important part of our business.

We have 800 experts dedicated to looking after merchant needs in the field. They work tirelessly to take care of your business and local needs and provide long-term value for all stakeholders.

Our Merchant Services make running POS estates and sales businesses simpler, more efficient and cost-effective while delivering the best experience for you and your customers. With Castles, you can relax and focus on your most important activity – attracting and looking after customers - safe in the knowledge that your checkouts are optimised for sales.

Here are six of the best reasons to choose our Merchant Services:

  1. Want to banish installation and compliance headaches? Our highly qualified team gives you the right level of expertise when and where you need it most Security is at our core, and we are certified locally and globally – VISA Europe PCI security approved and much more. With dedicated repair centres across Europe and solid project management and technical support, our team ensures any projects, new software rollouts or upgrade programmes are delivered in a professional manner and to agreed timescales and deliverables.

  2. Looking for a smarter more supportive partnership? Our help desk and customer service teams work hand-in-hand with merchants to support them 24/7. Castles Technology's in-house, multilingual technical help desk is available 24/7, 365 days a year. With tailored contracts to meet specific business requirements, we provide a first-class service to merchants and their operational and sales teams. We understand retailing inside out and work relentlessly to deliver outstanding first- and second-line support.

  3. Worried about logistics? We take the pain out of terminal storage, configuration and despatch. Castles Technology's terminal storage, configuration, and despatch facility are securely controlled to meet PCI regulations and make boarding and swap-outs simple. Each product is individually customised prior to shipping to merchant premises and is tracked through to receipt. We provide a same day dispatch service and next day swap service.

  4. Can’t afford problems with your devices? Castles repair and refurbish service minimises downtime and makes maintenance effortless Maintenance packages are designed to provide you with product replacement on a next day service, ensuring minimum interruption to merchant business and there is no additional cost for swap stock. Standard warranty repairs are provided as well as key injection, software and application loading. There’s also an RMA portal for fault logging and repair tracking.

  5. Looking for a way to streamline operations and make better decisions? Our CasHub marketplace makes it easy to add new POS apps and functionality and gives you the data you need to be more agile and efficient. Delivering modern tools, real-time updates and analytics, CasHub lets you access modular architecture to select the best support for your business. Packed with services to delight customers and fresh insights for your business, it’s the fastest way to boost agility, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

  6. Is sustainability important to you? Castles helps you care for the planet by recycling all your legacy products. We recognise the need to protect resources and materials and to ensure the safe disposal of devices and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. As part of our services, we look after your devices throughout their lifecycle and that means ensuring they are safely and responsibly processed at the end of their life.

Want to find out more about how our Merchant Services can remove the burden of estate management while keeping your operations in shape? Contact our Merchants Services team here:

Or if you’re attending this year’s Retail Technology Show at London Olympia in April, drop in for a chat on Stand 6C70.

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