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Do you know our UKI payment services?

What do our UK and Ireland (UKI) payment services have in common with a medieval cathedral and Magna Carta? They can all be found in Salisbury, England. But the similarities stop here. Rather than being steeped in the past, our facilities are very much focused on keeping merchants fit for the present and future.

No matter what type of sales business you run, keeping your POS optimized and open for action is a number one priority. However, maintaining large dispersed physical estates, comprising increasingly sophisticated and connected devices, customized software and remote applications can be a real challenge, especially for retailers whose tech resources are already stretched.

As the world’s 4th largest POS provider no one understands merchants’ in-field challenges better than Castles.

We’ve already developed a world-class reputation for technical innovation and outstanding android, standalone, integrated and unattended devices. But did you know that we also help reduce the maintenance burden by offering a full range of support services including field operations, repairs, and swaps too?

Which takes us neatly to our dedicated UKI facilities in Salisbury.

Home to a dedicated multilingual helpdesk, our UKI service centre processes 8000 calls each month and provides first and second-line 24/7 phone and email support as well as same-day device dispatch, next-day swap, and full terminal customisation service.

Of course, managing all of this takes a great team of Castles’ support staff, tech experts, and field operatives.

Combined with efficient and frictionless order management and reporting tools, remote controls, and secure key certification and management, our UKI payment services tick all your local and global boxes.

  • One partner with local expertise to support you from development through to delivery

  • Cost-effective premium and transparent solutions with no hidden charges

  • 24/7 support with high-quality, flexible ‘glocal’ services

  • Castle's reputation for World-class payment capabilities

  • Flexible Service options are designed to give you control of your business.


Find out how our payment services can support your retail business.

Discover more at

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