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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Irrespective of store numbers, most ’brick’ merchants share 5 common checkout challenges.

There’s no shortage of cutting-edge solutions in POS, but in many cases ‘value’ is focused on high-volume, large-scale retailers. With many consumers turning to smaller brands and local shops and suppliers, for convenience, community or ethics, the needs of Europe’s SME merchants are just as important.

At Castles, we believe all retailers, irrespective of size deserve the same levels of POS innovation, service and support to help them optimize their POS.

Why? Because whatever their operational scale or maturity, most retail businesses have one overriding POS goal - they want reliable, secure and fast acceptance that’s frictionless and easy for customers and sales staff.

POS devices that fail to deliver this create bad sales experiences, leading to walkaways, lost sales and poor brand loyalty.

A great checkout is vital - whatever your size

Keeping checkouts ringing reliably is not as easy as it sounds. Physical environments are unpredictable. Customer behaviour, merchant needs and legislation are constantly changing. Whether operating one or many stores, venues or mobile businesses, merchants share the same 5 checkout challenges:

  1. Staff turnover and training

Devices must be easy to use, not just to take a sale but for receipts, data gathering,

loyalty redemption and other value add.

  1. Managing maintenance and updates From security patches and card mandates to software and service upgrades, POS devices need constant support to keep them optimized and up to date and ensure their smooth performance in the field.

  2. Giving customers choice From contactless and QR codes to digital wallets and BNPL, merchants must be able to add new payment methods to their checkouts to keep pace with customers’ shifting demands.

  3. Speed and reliability Delays when processing payments can block checkouts and cause queues while a closed checkout can lead to lost sales, frustrated customers and stressed staff. Sales need to be fast, efficient and reliable.

  4. Security and Compliance Staying compliant, minimising payment fraud and safeguarding customer data are all priorities for any merchant that wants to keep their reputations and avoid hefty fines.

Solutions should meet these needs and more

To help merchants of every size keep their sales points delivering the best possible in-store, at-table, or mobile experiences, Castle Technology’s POS devices offer:

  • Easy-to-use interfaces and form factors

Not only are our Android POS devices designed to appeal to customers, they’re also easy and effortless for staff to use so they can ensure smooth and seamless sales experiences with minimal training.

  • Remote maintenance and updates Able to connect to the back office and centralized reporting systems via the cloud, our devices can be monitored and maintained remotely via a single dashboard CasHUB. This also enables most software updates able to be implemented ‘over the air’ with minimal disruption or downtime.

  • Feature-rich customer-centricity

Contactless/QR/barcode readers can accept multiple digital payment methods. Merchants can also add new payment options on demand with simple software integrations and toolkits that can be applied remotely. In addition, they can access our value-added service marketplace to download third-party apps such as digital donations and e-loyalty.

  • Advanced processors and durable build Incorporating high-security processors for ultra-fast and safe processing, you can trust all our POS to deliver outstanding reliability under extreme conditions. With multiple connectivity options and high-performance and long-lasting batteries so your salespeople are always ready to take a sale.

  • Enhanced security

Our devices offer the latest secure Android architecture and are PCI PTS 6. x certified and meet the requirements of EMV Contactless Scheme Certifications (Paypass, Paywave, ExpressPay, D-PAS, J-Speedy, QPBOC, etc). In addition, POS encryption injection is available as part of our merchant services.

Making a difference whatever your size

With Castles Technology every merchant gets the same world-class functionality with the added assurance of our dedicated European customer service and support. That includes an in-house, multi-lingual technical help desk that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Everything you need to help a small business grow and larger businesses prosper.

Find out more about our solutions and services at

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