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Alternative Payment Terminal

Leading Android smartPOS provider, Castles Technology helps merchants with multiple payment solutions to create value to their business and simplify their tasks

We are Castles Technology

We make payments seamless, simple and secure.

Our products have been designed to fit around you and your customer's needs.

Whether it's in the retail, hospitality, financial, or transportation sector, we have a payment terminal that's right for you. Our products are innovative, reliable and deliver results. 

We are 

We are innovative. We lead the android payment acceptance by adding value to your business with our Market Place offer for a truly valuable shopper experience

We are trusted

Since 1993, world's leading retailers trust us

We are results driven

Our goal is to improve the performance of your payment processes

We are experts

We deliver worldwide high-quality and local services with real in-the-field knowledge and technical skills


Paris Retail Week

Castles is excited to be part of the Paris Retail Week show on 20, 21, and 22 September 2022.

A 3-day show bringing you the best payment terminals and solutions Castles have to offer. 

Connect with Ana on LinkedIn to find out how Castles can help you grow your business.

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Ana Pereira,

Communication Director